An economically leading dzongkhag with cohesive society, vibrant culture, sound environment and balanced development


Provide conducive environment for diversified economic activities and for the well being of the people in the Dzongkhag

Phuentshogling Dungkhag Administration comprises of 4 Gewogs, namely, Darla, Loggchina, Phuentshogling and Sampheling. The Dungkhag Administration is located  in the heart of the Thromde Administration between latitude 26051’35’’ and longitude 8902314’’ at an elevation of 780 feet (237.7 meters) above sea level.

The total area of Dungkhag is 428.76 km2 and has 20,332 people. There are 21 Chiwogs, 75 villages and 2594households.

There are 391 Civil Servants, 4 Gups, 4 Mangmis and 21 Tshogpas spread within the jurisdiction of Dungkhag.

The Dungkhag Office has 37 Civil servants responsible for providing technical backstopping, advocating government policies and directives, and delivering public services to the citizens. It is also primarily responsible for maintaining law and order and border management in close coordination and collaboration with law enforcing agencies.


Providing effective, efficient and user-friendly public services and amenities

Promote local development and income generating activities through Government policy such as EDP, New FDI, CSMI, new fiscal FDI &PSL

Promote prudent and wise use of natural and financial resources

Promote public participation in planning and implementation of programs, zomdue and public meeting

Supervise and monitor the progress of programmes, projects, and activities implemented by various sectors to ensure their proper and timely implementation

Role of Dungkhag

Ensure that the proposal submitted by the Gewogs are consistent with the Government policies and priorities

Provide administrative and financial support and control over civil servants within jurisdiction of Dungkhag

Advocating Government policies, national interest and other Government directives to the public

Preserve, promote and maintain Driglam Choesum in the Dungkhag

Maintaining and promoting peace, harmony and unity within dungkhag

Carry out such other functions as directed by the Dzongkhag administration

Call for any written or statement of account, or report of proceedings, or extract of any book or document in possession or under the control of Gewog Tshogde



Dungkhag Profile

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