• Committed to improve Human Settlement life and facilities in Chhukha Dzongkhag


  • Provide affordable, equitable and facilities

  • Promote quality and safe infrastructure in line with Bhutanese arts and architecture.

Terms of Reference 

Key Public Services refer to those services rendered by government agencies that requires interface with the citizens availing the service(s).
Improving public service delivery is one of the National Key Result Areas in the 12th Five Year Plan. Furthermore, it is part of the 120 Day pledge of the government. Therefore, the initiative to conduct inventory of all key public services, is aimed at:
- Developing Service Delivery Standards (SDS) & Turn-Around Time(TAT) for the key public services;  
- Instituting stringent monitoring of transaction of public services delivered as per the SDS;  
- Linking of SDS for all key public services with the Annual Performance Agreement of the respective ministries, agencies, dzongkhags & thromdes;  
- Instituting feedback mechanism to assess public satisfaction on the delivery of public services;  
- Ensuring uniformity in delivery of the same public services across ministries, agencies, dzongkhags & thromdes.