42nd Birth Anniversary of His Majesty, The King.

21 February 2022

On this historic 42nd Birth Anniversary of His Majesty the Druk Gyalpo, Chhukha.

Dzongkhag Administration offered Karme Tongchoe and Zhabtoen. A day long dopthsedrup at Paga Gonpa, Tshamdrag Gonpa, Dokhachu Gonpa and Chhukha Rabdey was organized.

The day was also marked with tendrel plantation of 42 saplings (20 Drukgi Tshenden, 22 Wild Cherry) for His Majesty's good health, peaceful and happy life.

Rabdey Lama Neten, Dasho Drangpon, Dasho OC,RBP, regional and sector heads took part in the celebration.