Chhukha Dzongkhag was established in April 1987, coinciding with the beginning of the sixth five year plan. Located in the western region, it covers an area of 1879.5 square kilo-meters with the elevations ranging from 200-3500 meters above sea level. Adminisratively it is divided into 1 Drungkhag, 1 Thromday and 11 gewogs viz Samphelling, Bongo, Bja-gchho, Chapchha, Darla, Doongna, Getana, Geling, Loggchina, Maedtabkha and Phuent-sholing. The overall arable land is around 4.9% of the total area of the Dzongkhag with average land holding size of 5.6 acres per households.