Our Gyenkhur

17 August 2019

Another successful collaborative event of the Chhukha Dzongkhag Administration and the Regional Trade and Industry Office (RTIO) of Phuentsholing. The less frequent but a beautiful sunny day in Tsimasham on Saturday 17 August saw 53 ‘subsidized’ LPG cylinders taken by the participants at the Citizen’s Initiative – Our Gyenkhur’ program. The Venerable Lam Neten of Ngoedrup-Tse Rabdey Dratshang was the Chief Guest alongside Dasho Dzongdag, Dzongrab, Drangpon and Commandant of Special Reserve Police Force (SRPF), Tashigatshel. The Chief Engineer of CHEP (CHPC) and Regional Managers of BDBL and Bhutan Telecom and the Principal of Chhukha Central School and Teachers of Chapcha High School participated in the event. Present were also the Police from Tsimasham Police Station. Our Sectors were equally represented.
The event was made more special with the involvement of private entity, Bhutan Oil Distributors of Tsimasham, who did all the necessary Chadri and tea arrangements. Manager Kenchola worked hard.
The RTIO was represented by Mr. Sonam Dendup, Sr. Trade Officer and Mr. Tawla, Yeshey Wangchuk and Lekey who all worked hard to make the event successful. The Economic Development Officer coordinated from the Dzongkhag side. We hope this small Dzongkhag and RTIO endeavor would help to give the ‘subsidized’ cylinders to more of our people in the rural areas of Bhutan. The gratitude to all who participated in the event. Please do spread the word and for those who have missed out today, you can exchange your cylinders or purchase a new ‘non-subsidized’ cylinders anytime from the BOD, Tsimasham. Do refer the photographic depiction for price differences.

~Sangay Thinley, Economic Development Officer.