Economic Development

The post of Economic Development Officer (EDO) was created by the RCSC and the Ministry of Economic Affairs (MoEA) in January 2019. On 1st February, nine EDOs were placed in nine Dzongkhags, including one in Chhukha.

The Economic Development Sector will primarily be responsible for promotion of any form of economic development activity in the Dzongkhag under the permitted laws of the country. The sector will promote agri-business, serve as the focal person for identification and development of tourism in the Dzongkhag and also serve as the Focal Person for Priority Sector Lending (PSL) scheme among others.

The sector will initiate and identify business opportunities in agriculture and different sectors and will actively involve youth to take up business activities and to generate employment. The EDO of the Dzongkhag is Sangay Thinley and prior to joining the sector, he worked for 11 years as the Sr. Research Officer at the Centre for Bhutan Studies in Thimphu. He can be contacted ANY TIME by call or SMS at his cell phone number 1745-6660. You can also email him at or add him on his WeChat sthinley4016 to leave voice messages.


Service Delivery Standards of Dzongkhag Economic Development Sector

(updated as of 18th May, 2022)

A. Initiating Local Economic Development Projects

  1. Conduct Economic project feasibility study in particular village/area - Anytime
  2. Consult village elders, Tshogpas and Gups to discuss the proposal – During study
  3. Conduct resource inventory for the particular economic development intervention – During study
  4. Research on best practices of particular economic development intervention in Bhutan and outside the country – Two weeks after the field visit
  5. Apprise Dzongkhag Economic Development committee – one month after the feasibility visit
  6. Conduct capacity building/awareness trip for the project beneficiaries – within three months of feasibility visit
  7. Develop Proposal for the Economic Development intervention – three months after feasibility visit
  8. Seek funds from Dzongkhag or other agencies for the project – within six months of project conceptualisation
  9. Implement project – within eight months from the feasibility study visit

B. Implementing Local Economic Development Strategy

  1. Review Progress of Local Economic Development Intervention – at respective GT meetings
  2. Chart way forward for activities of LED – during GT meetings
  3. Apprise Economic Development Committee – within one month of GT meeting
  4. Draft way forward for the LED activity of particular Chiwog/Gewog – within one month of the GT meeting

 C. Conducting Entrepreneurship & Skill Development Training in Gewogs

  1. Gather data and list of youth and individuals interested to undertake particular training – during economic development feasibility studies
  2. Explore collaboration with other agencies to conduct the particular skill development or entrepreneurship training – within one month from the feasibility visit
  3. Explore budget availability within the Dzongkhag – within one month from the feasibility visit
  4. Conduct the entrepreneurship or skill development training – within three months from the feasibility study visit.

D. Business Facilitation & Support

  1. Facilitating ad-hoc requests for advice and facilitation for individual business – instantly through phone call or other online medium
  2. Advise on the different clearances and procedures that needs to be fulfilled to materialize the particular business – instantly through phone call or any online medium
  3. Conduct face to face meeting with the Proponent to refine the business idea further – within one month of first phone call
  4. Follow-up on the progress of individual business planning and development – for first three months

E. Providing End-End support to the Entrepreneurs & Skilled Youth

  1. Meet with the Youth or individual interested to avail Dzongkhag support to begin or expand a startup
  2. Apprise Dzongkhag Economic Development Committee about the proposed support – at the immediate Dzongkhag EDC meeting
  3. Deliver support – within one month from the EDC meeting

E. Celebrate Youth Entrepreneurship Day & Conduct Best Entrepreneur Award

  1. Mobilize funds from Dzongkhag budget to celebrate Youth Entrepreneurship Day – during budget call
  2. Conduct planning meeting for the day with Youth Entrepreneurs – 1st week of December
  3. Conduct Youth Entrepreneurship Day – 18 December
  4. Conduct Best Entrepreneur Award – 18 December
  5. Submit outcome report of the Youth Entrepreneurship Day Celebration to EDC meeting


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