Restrictions lifted in Gedu

Notification Period:
01 March 2022

Chhukha Dzongkhag C19TF and Gedu C19TF would like to thank the public of Gedu and nearby Gewogs for having successfully contained Covid-19 virus from spreading to other parts of the country from Gedu. It is with our collective efforts that we have beat the virus and that we have no more cases from the community in our areas.

As per recommendations from National Technical Advisory Group (NTAG) of MoH, we would like to declare that all movement restrictions within and outside from Gedu is now lifted. Following directives as set for Green Zone shall be followed.

Movement restrictions will be lifted for Beri village and red cluster below Gedu POL outlet on 4th March, 2022. However, it will depend on the test results of the mass surveillance in the area.

We thank the public of Gedu and the nearby Gewogs once again for your cooperation and request all to follow Covid-19 safety protocols at all times.