Dasho Dzongdag Signed APA for FY 2018-2019 with Sector Heads during Ninth MMM

08 May 2019

The Ninth Monthly Management Meeting(MMM) was conducted yesterday (7.5.2019) at Dzongkhag conference hall chaired by Dasho Dzongdag. Due to numerous activities in the dzongkhag, the MMM couldn't convene every month but the administration ensures to make it happen once in a while and let all the staff share their critical issues, views and recommendations. Most of the time MMM happens amongst the sector heads but when there is a need for all staff to be part of discussion, when all needs to be heard and aware of certain agendas, MMM with potluck lunch is where it happens. Though this kind of MMM takes more than 8 hours to close due to more discussions, it’s an opportunity for all to know each other and also to participate by contributing opinions and suggestions.

The meeting started off with key notes by Dasho Dzongdag followed by presentation on Gewog Monthly Reporting format by Dasho Dzongrab. Such standard reporting system can enhance  public service delivery and timely interference by concerned sectors or authorities which will ultimately lead to timely completion of work and also quality compromising could be minimised. Such reporting can be more helpful for major activities or issues that require timely attention of management.

Amongst many agendas, the floor discussed more on Revision of Dholam presented by Chief DEO and moderation criteria presented by Assistant Human Resource Officer. As per audit recommendations from FY 2016-2017, Dholam review committee was formed and revised Dholam was presented and discussed several times in prior MMM and also in Dzongkhag Tshogdu(DT). As per DT resolution, Chief DEO took lead role in further reviewing of Dholam to which he proposed three summarised options in view of education sector. However, it was decided that until further notice or until the recommendations by Pay Commission are endorsed, the Dholam review will be parked for the time being. Similarly, the moderation committee has set standard criteria which is already in practice was presented for awareness and to further take in views to integrate and make it fair for all.

There were various presentations such as dzongkhag standard presentation format, beautification modality, issues from accounts section, sectors and also metakha gewog presented on Gewog's plans and working procedures.

The meeting was concluded with the signing of APA for FY 2018-2019 between Dasho Dzongdag and Sector heads.