Hon`ble Tshogpoen visits Ngoedrup-Tse Dzong

25 December 2019

The consultative meeting was held in the Chhukha Dzongkhag Tshogdu hall chaired by honorable Tshogpoen of National Assembly on 25/12/19. The meeting was attended by all Gups, Mangmis, Regional heads and Dzongkhag sector heads. 

The meeting started with offering Marchang ceremony and Tashikhadhar to Hon. Tshogpoen. 

Hon. Tshogpoen has shared the participants on how the National Assembly as a legislative body functions. He also shared roles and responsibilities as a member of parliaments. 

Nonetheless, the Director for the National Assembly also shared how the Secretary’s office functions as a permanent institution. The director has shared how coordination between Dzongkhags, Gewog and Thromdes are dealt with for policy matters and agenda submission. The meeting adjourned with the question and answer sessions.